What the Yelp are you talking about?

How many times have you used a dining review site to determine where you were dining tonight? Who has the best steak in town or what restaurants were around an area where you going to be?

I seldom do however I know many that do, thing is if you are a restaurant operator and you have not seen these sites before I would be surprised but if you are not checking out what reviews that are being said about you can hurt your business.


For example (restaurant name with held) here are some of the things being said about one restaurant:

“I gave it a shot but now I’m done.  Chicken was quite dry, came with wild rice, (wtf?) and had tomato slices on a bed of leafy greens. W? T? F?  That screams out “filler”   I don’t think I’ll go back nor would I recommend it.”

Yikes!!  My hope is the restaurant owner knows about this review and the other seven reviews posted about this business.  Why, well it doesn’t take much to realize there is a consitatant problem and that they try to talk with the customers who wrote it to make thing right.  I have a feeling neither have been done.

63% of diners feel their service is worse that in previous  years.   Those that are dining out expect to get what they paid for and will not settle for substandard service.   Customers are expecting to receive that they order, in a timely manor, at the temp it is to be served, at a fair price, served by someone who understands service and food that should taste good; wouldn’t you?

My recommendation is to learn about what is being said about your business and if there is a negative comment fit it.   I work on not screwing up as much as the next guy however things happen and it’s up to use to get it under control.   Check the food quality, get out from behind  the line and work with your service staff, meet your customers face to face and thank you them for their business.  Trouble shoot on the spot and work on not letting complaints get to a Web site.

Lot of work, you bet.   Does it pay off, most certainly.  Need help executing it. I’m here to help.

Check them out for yourself, see if you’re on a list.





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