United Breaks Guitars

While preparing for a meeting, I came across a 2009 in Social Media video that reminded me of the United Break Guitars story that really is a classic piece.  If you don’t know about it the video really tells the story of what happened, United’s response, and then Taylor Guitars jumped in which I thought was appropriate.

What this shows is the consumer has more voice than ever to try to right a wrong and this is an extreme example of how social media creates an opportunity for a customer’s voice to be heard.   I’m sure this incident isn’t going to put a big dent United’s business yet it doesn’t reflect well on the way they handle customer complaints.

As you can see for yourself this is an unusual case however may be this is the beginning of the norm. For now, the group I’m sure is enjoying their time in the spot light and I’m sure they have been compensated in other ways via the publicity. Renting suits, limos, and a van of course cost them money so at some point that repair turned into more of an investment in the bands future.

At least their song’s are catchy.



Taylor Guitars response to the United Break Guitars story.


Part 2


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