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Ok, so I am a social media junkie; I’ll admit it but I will say now a days that is not a bad thing.  Get this, if you have a business and you have not sat down to look at ways to brand your business in these social media sites, that is a bad thing.

Social media combined traditional marketing just makes your marketing presents stronger and if done right you can really make a difference in your bottom line. Why? Social networking means just that, a way to network socially.  As you can see, we are using these tools to grow our business as well and it’s working.  Having a marketing plan is the best way to approach it and the best way to maximize your success.  Restaurant Marketing Partners will help you with your plan.

One of the most popular currently is Twitter.  Why would anyone need a twitter account? Well, for starters it’s free and accordning Nielsen ratings it has grown 1,445% this past year and went from 1.2 million users in May 2008 to 18.2 million last month.   Yes, 1,444%. When have you ever heard of a company growing like that in an economy such as the one we’re currently.   With statistics like that the question is why wouldn’t you have a twitter account?

The reality is, this real time source of information delivered in way that works for the way we live and for the amount of time we want to invest in it.  Look at what’s happening with Iran and news in general.  Real time video and picture, that is powerful.  I learned about Ed McManons passing as a text message on my phone;  I am also able to stay on top of traffic delays thanks to a news station providing this information.  I am also able to keep in touch with what is happening in our local community.   Twitter has become my way of filtering news stories and stay connected to what’s happening now.

What’s works for your business won’t nessarally work for someone else’s and vice versa.  The one thing for sure is it’s like the lottery, you can’t win unless you don’t play.  What are you going to tweet about? We again can help you out in this area.

The biggest take away from this is do not dismiss these opportunities to promote your business, you might not have much to say however someone out there wants to hear what you have to say.  Talk Twitter to me!

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