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This week I had such an interesting moment when I called a friend of mine who I have been trying to schedule a meeting with to join forces as marketing partner and let me tell you , it has been challenging scheduling a time for us to meet.   Kind of like feeding some kids vegetables; you know they’re good for them but they think you’re trying to poison them or  just out right mean.

With my paparazzi cap on I decided to give him another call and guess what?  We had a pretty standard conversation at first and asked where he was which he relayed in the Fashion Square area in Scottsdale, AZ.  An area I need to be careful of not getting arrested at by the fashion police.

While talking with him I asked him where he exact location was and his response was Sprinkles….  Sprinkles of Beverly Hills and he was “checking” on something there.  Yea right.  They sell cup cakes in a million different ways!  He was there to get a cup cake; give it up!

I felt like the universe just opened up the sky with a ” BIG SIGN that said “HELLO PEOPLE!!! THIS IS MEANT TO BE!! That is when I said, “hold on a minute…  let me check something out…”  It was then I went to my computer to find Sprinkles on twitter.  Why?  Because everyday Sprinkles will post a secret password of the day where 25 cupcakes are given away to the first 25 people who whisper the password.

Sure enough, when I looked at their account they had posted a password two hours earlier.  I then told my friend to tell one of the staff what the password was and then to see what happens.  He had no idea what was going on.  Once he did, the person he told went to the back room and came back with the cupcake of the day wrapped up for him to take home. He was floored.   Of course after he left he wanted to know what just took place.  I told him, that is was brought to you him by social media.

Sprinkles Cupcakes...

So here’s why this makes sense for a restaurant operator to look at this type of marketing using social media platforms such as twitter.

  • First, the medium used for this marketing tool is the cost of time and product
  • Word of Mouth- my friend has since told at least 10 people; in fact, that story will stick with him for the rest of his life.
  • This builds relationships & loyalty. With 17,538 followers and 506 lists, they give-away 25 cupcakes every day which is pretty impressive.  Now granted, anyone can give away product to get people in their doors; the point is you get people looking closer at the brand.  It is hard to gauge the value and return of that type of connection however it’s there.

He and I talked about this a few days later into detail and we both agree this is a great way to engage with your customers however for his personal experience they missed the boat as he customer service during this at the store level did not leave him excited.

The other thing that they could do to manage this would be to get the twitter account information and announce the winners and or thank them personally for participating in the promotion.  Granted, this would take more effort however once you reconnect with your customer you could invite them to join your email newsletter, link your web site in the tweet; anything to maximize on your opportunity.  One connect after the cupcake was given away is acceptable however thing past that is spam.

You could even look at taking a photo of the customers who redeem for the cupcake and tweet them out; of course with their permission.   Over all, this is a great way to use Twitter for restaurants and I’m sure we could come up with fifty other examples as well.   Good and good for you; and your business.

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