Social Media Success, Iguana Mexican Grill

I picked this story up about this restaurant in Oklahoma City called Iguana Mexican Grill who started a promotion to thank customers for their support their first year in business.  The chef notes that they were only going to run this promotion for one month.  Well, the promotion became a hit growing weekly so they kept on going.  Here in this video and article  he says Twitter was a big part of how this event publicized.

Click below to view the video of the chef’s interview.


Click here to view the article and the video.

Obviously he’s serving great food at a great price as well so it sounds like it’s a winning combination.  

As you can see, he has only sent out 28 tweets, has 399 followers, following 200,  and is on 53 lists.  When I pulled his account, I could see 25 out of 28 tweets.

This story is one of many success stories in the food service space.  Simple promotion, simple menu, simple execution; social media success.

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