Save Money Saving Energy; think green.

So many times restaurateurs look to vendors to save money, what’s your price on ………..?  how much is ……….?    These of course are standard valid questions that we all ask.   A good question to ask is, what I am doing to save energy that will translate into saving money?

Right now everything is green.  At a networking group a person from an incentive promotion company shared with us a shopper bag tote and commented that it was currently a hot item.  I received a bag similar to that one the following week and I love it.

When was the last time you had a energy audit?  Granted, this hasn’t always been as main stream as is now but the time has come.  6 out of 10 restaurants have purchased energy saving products in the past two years and thirds of restaurants are allocating monies this year to expand this focus.  Of course this saves money in the long run.

Like the insurance company in which customers are thrilled to announce they have just saved a long of money on their insurance,  why not bring this thought into saving money and energy?  You”ll give your something to brag about!

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Go Green!

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