Restaurants and the Oil Spill, what’s the impact.

Besides the obvious;  higher seafood prices, diners not ordering seafood and those out of work, the oil spill is going to leave a lasting impact.

Having a great supplier will make a big difference; one that really keeps you informed of the market and  supply chain. This is a given yet note worthy.  Understanding how to work with a distributor is very important.  Cherry picking your supplier does not always result in better pricing.   The 80/20 rule is a good guide line to follow giving 80% of your business to one distributor and of course the other 20% to others.  Breaking out chemicals, beverage and equipment purchases are standard however most of the time not necessary.   Keep in mind, be good to them and they will be good to you.

What restaurants need to look at is how this is going to impact their bottom line and the menu is a huge part of that.  Changing your menu twice a year is a good practice.  It is much better to invest in a proactive approach in a changing market rather than lose revenue.   For fresh seafood market price allow the restaurant and diners find a fair price, but what is the impact on the quality of the seafood?  This is something that will be interesting to watch.

For those restaurants in New Orleans thankfully diners can still enter your doors but I wouldn’t want to manage food costs for seafood right now that’s for sure.

Here is a good link to keep you informed.

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