The purpose of a coupon

Getting a new customer to walk in your door is valuable for many reasons and hopefully they become a repeat customer  for many years that tells their friends and family all about your business and encourages them to check you out for themselves.  That’s what we’re all hoping for, positive word of mouth.

I’ve been on a mission to find an awesome knock my shocks off sub sandwich here in AZ since I returned from visiting family in Waterloo over Thanksgiving.  While there, the family ordered food from Wishbone, a restaurant that has been in business as long as I can remember however my memory was of broosted chicken, not subs.  My sister did the ordering and she brought home our meals.  Wow, it was awesome!

Submarines sandwiches have not been high on my favorite foods list so exploring this category was going to be a journey so I looked to my local Entertainment Book for restaurants that specialize in this category.

The whole purpose of using a coupon is to entice customers to your business rather than your competitors.  It’s a cost of marketing your business.  Once a customer has tried your product or service, hopefully the experience was positive enough for your customer to tell others and of course return.

With all of this in mind I thought I would tried a new sub place today so I went to the Entertainment Book in search of a sub sandwich shop to try a new place.  I am all about local businesses and thought they would also have a signature sandwich so this narrowed my search.  Once I found a place that fit what I was looking for, I went out of my way to try it.  After finding out the most popular items and reviewing the menu and they toast their sub’s, I attempted to place my order; this is when this process stopped and took a different turn to the negative.

Before placing my order I showed the clerk my coupo0n, it was a $6.00 value, buy one and get a second and equal or lesser value.  That’s when I found out they no longer accepted them.  Since the coupon was issued the business changed ownership and they were not honoring this coupon any longer.

When I asked what if anything they were offering in it’s place, he said they advertise coupons in the newspaper and that’s it.  Ok, so I went with this this a little further.  I asked, do you have an alternative offer for this?  He said no.  At this point two other employees came out from the back and a guest was listening to the conversation.

I explained this coupon was what brought me to their restaurant; he said that they can’t do anything for me.   That’s when I said thank you but not thank you.  I left without an order.    For me, there was a ton of things going on in my head about this whole experience but customer service wasn’t one of them.

I’ve decided to contact the manager/owner on Monday to find out the reason they discontinued the coupon; it will be interesting to hear their feedback.  I will continue when I know more.

So what would you do?  How would you react?

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