Pork Tenderloin Perspective

As I recap my trip to the Midwest I have to say, I highly recommend more restaurants take a closer look at their online marketing which is one of the reason why Restaurant Marketing Partners developed.    It doesn’t take much to make little changes that create big results.   I noticed more pork tenderloins on the menu than websites and I went into a lot of restaurants that didn’t serve tenderloins.

Bread Pork Tenderloins are huge in the Midwest and they are a top menu item.  Nothing against pork tenderloins or the Midwest by any means, just making a comparison.

Websites. There is a boat load of things to learn and many reasons to feel uneasy or uncomfortable about developing an online face to your business,  I totally get that.   I would like to minimize this as much as possible.

I always like to know a little about a lot and however when it comes my profession, I like to be spot on with what I’m doing and have to know what I’m talking about.   I love foodservice; it’s what I know and it’s what I do.  I know a lot about a lot in this this arena but I always like to learn a little bit about everything that involves it.

Working with us is different than working with another other website companies because  we’re here to monitor the process and help you through the process.  We are in this for the long term and our reputation is important.

A website is as important as the address of your business it’s self.  Also, people know the difference between an old website and a new site so even if you did one years ago, I recommend you up date it.  You need basic information and your menu’s however with the different social media platform we will show you how to bring your website to life.  This will also give you more flexibility and control of your content.

If you are reading this, you are doing so because of a computer and really don’t know many people any more that don’t have a computer or access to one.  If you have a business and don’t have a website,  please get a website.  You will be happy that you did and so will your customers.

Call if you have questions, we are more than happy to help.  As for my next trip back to the Midwest there are a few places that serve really good tenderloins and will be working on helping promote their business so you know who they are!

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