Point of Difference

Social media is everywhere and we’re all talking about.  For an operator, it’s just one more of many things added to their day.   You know you need to know this, do this and maximize your marketing potential with it but how, when and with who?

What set’s a part from other marketing companies is we understand food service inside and out.    We care about all aspect of your business, not just sending out a tweet or posting comments on your behave.   Understand social media is more than posting specials and transitional outbound marketing tactic’s and it’s different for everyone, every account.

What concerns me is operators that will get into social media are going to be in the mind set of previous traditional marketing and there will be someone or some company that will not only over charge them but they will also miss the mark when it comes to branding a restaurant and advertising it.

Social media is here to stay and the sooner restaurants embrace this the better they will be.  People dine for many reasons yet the majority of us have a favorite places for different reasons.

Madonna Kash

Restaurant Marketing Partners/ FoodService Geeks

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