Newark security drama, social media moment

Things are really starting to pop for me, in fact, blow up is a good way to describe it (in a good way) which has me working hard on the computer until, as you can see, all hours of the evening.  Well, today was I was doing a twitter tutorial with Jack Dorsey, who is one of the many people I am following. He posted a RT about the being “Stuck in Newark” video.  At the time of this post from Jack, the video only has 324 views.  Now, hours later is has 10, 627 views.

As you can see, this broke the moment and really changed the mood for many people and thanks for social media, many more get to share in the experience.   How cool is that?


While I was checking the views on this video, I noticed another video called the Newark Airport Evac video and what’s interesting about this video is 29 seconds into this clip an older gentleman casually shrugs his shoulders in a nonchalant way, and mentions that there has been conflicting stories about the evacuation. The reason why he knows this is he’s been twittering the whole time.    Does that strike anyone as funny?

What was so foreign is now the norm.


That just had to suck to be all of those people for many reasons but of course, necessary for safety I get it.  I have no clue if they ever found the guy, but let’s just hope he feels rotten for all the problems he caused.   I will say, it would have been a great time for one of the pizza companies to get some free publicity; for the cost of the pizzas would be so much less than the cost of the press they would have received from it.

Always thinking.  🙂

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