National Restaurant Association Show 2010 Recap Part 1

As years past, this show has proven to be worth the trip despite the fact it grows smaller every year. I make that comment as every year

Technology prevalent everywhere you looked with digital menu boards were big.   In fact if I was an operator with a walk up counter, investing in one of these boards would serve you well.  There were all different kinds with the main benefit of being easy on the eyes.

It took me two solid days to walk the show and even then, I didn’t get in as much as I wanted to.   Social media was another huge area of interest however more so for the education aspects, not so much as using it to communicate; business to business but that is changing.

One dessert company that really stood out was Plaza Sweets.  Very nice products, quality and eye appealing.  The Cognac Pumpkin Cheesecake was amazing, the flavors were distinct.   I enjoy cognac in a dessert rather than straight so this was an extra treat for me.   I made the friend I was with to come back and try these products as well and he felt the same.  I have to put a plug in for the Mango & Raspberry Mousse as the flavors were very intense that I had wished I had a nice glass of champaign to accompany it.  Beautiful in appearance, extraordinary to taste.   Two thumbs up!

Another company I thought stood out had the licence to embroidery chef’s coats and aprons with the different NFL team logo’s giving chef’s more freedom of expression with their uniforms, even if it’s just to host your own Sunday afternoon party.

I will add more as I am still working on doing my follow up and organizing all the information I gathered.  So much to talk about, so much file away for a reference!

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