National Restaurant Association Recap Part 2, iPad 5 Uses in Operations

Another big item this year at the show was the iPad.  Many vendors were giving them away to gather email addresses but there were many that were offering services that integrate their product for use on a iPad.

Applications for this content device are abundant and you can check what are available at the Apple website and iTunes.  There are so many of them it’s hard to count with more on their way.

For uses with in operations, here are a few suggestions.  The biggest advantage is managing time.  The biggest feedback for social media and restaurants is “I don’t have the time”.   We can’t create more time however we can learn to manage it better and that is one of the biggest advantages for an iPad in operations.

1) Destinate one person or position to manage and monitor your social media.  A hostess is a great choice with security (someone walking off with it) the main concern.   When time allows, they can listen to what is being said about your brand.

2)  Promoting specials via Twitter and Facebook.  Once you have your social media system in place, this can become as natural as your servers promoting your specials face to face.

3) Data mining.  Find out what’s being said around your town, neighborhood and with your competitors.

4) Manage reservations and other information from Open Table, Urbanspoon, Foursquare, Gowalla and more.  Having a portable device such as the iPad will allow you and your staff the ability to really bring in the advantages of technology without the pains.

5) Marketability.  Once your customers see you using this, they will know you are want their business and are willing to work for it.

Do to the ease of use and iPad can make life with social media and Internet marketing a pleasant experience.  Watch for POS systems to expand and develop software for the iPad.  There was a couple companies that were offering and will note that in another posting.

For now, seriously look at ways to embrace these tools for food service.  The benefits are worth the investment of your time.

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