Motivate Me Part 1: the foundation

In a job, we need pride and respect, two huge motivators and a winning combination.  I’m sure not one of us has said “when I grow up, I want to wash dishes and take out the trash”,at least no one I’ve ever met.  I didn’t  either however I found myself washing dishes and cooking breakfast for a short period of time at this hotel; it was one of three jobs I was working in order to save up enough money to move to a new city to create a better life.  Moving was my motivator, the job was the vehicle I had to do in order to earn the money I needed to move.

We know everyone has a role to play within an organization, some not as glamours as others however each important in order for it all to work.   Each person has their own personal motivators for working in those jobs with money the reward for doing the work.

As an operator, you take all of this into consideration of course and then try to find ways to make them work to your advantage as you should.  With each person being different with different motivators, it’s your job to have a training program that appeals to everyone and produces desired results.   Sounds simple in theory however we know that isn’t the reality.

I am remember sitting in trainings half the time bored stiff occasionally talking with a fellow co-workers exchanging smart ass comments about something said, done or just because there was an opportunity to.  Granted, not all the time however enough to know how the staff loses interest in hearing the same thing  from the same people.  Blah Blah Blah, white noise, white noise.

The standard training for employees is job shadowing which makes sense as the trainer(s) are those that have had done a good job for the company and currently working for the company.   The newbee follows the trainer for a few days up to two weeks sometimes to make sure they know how to preform the duties expected of them and to learn the manor in which they are expected to preform and then that’s normally it.  After that it is then standard to only have staff meetings to introduce a new menu or changes within the organization.  Sound familiar?

I do hope that your organization has a great training system in place and your staff is able to maxiumize and monetize these lessons to every ones advantage.    In order to motivate people you need a solid platform or you are going to have a high turn over wasting time and money.  People will get frustrated and their earning potential decreases, so will yours.  Don’t make a $40 mistake that could cost you thousands in lost earnings.

In part 2, I will expand more on the $40 mistake and more on motivating your staff.  Thank you for your time and attention!   I’m off to another meeting!

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