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I love the saying, “pretend that everyone you meet has a sign around their neck that says, “Make me feel important!” from Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay.  Make me feel important.

During the course of a standard day how important does anyone you do business with make you feel?  One of the most beautiful things to hear besides I’ll buy that for your or from you (thougth I’d throw that in there) is someone saying your name.   Hello Madonna, how can I help you today?  Madonna, is there anything else I can wow you with?

Wow is one of my favorite words with customer service; where is the wow, the WOW Factor. A very good friend of mine, Chef Aimee Anothony was the Food Service Director at Western Illinois University and that was something she would drive home with her staff.  Things like, what would make “this” hamburger the best hamburger is the world?  What would make me want to go out of my way to eat “this” sandwich with over the competitors?

When I was a server I use to love to win the contests;  selling the most specials for the day, perfect check and about anything else you would throw many way.  If Iwas going to be at work anyway why not?  I love a challenge.   One thing I loved to do was when “regular” customers came in I would tell them about what really impressed me on the menu today and I would truly be happen when they ordered it.  It was a validation that I had good taste or something like that, I would truly enjoy feedback on how they agreed with me it was a good choice.

Suggestive selling was fun for me and it made my customers feel they were getting the special treatment from me which they were because I was passionate about it.   Food is fun and it is to be savored, so are the moments that make us feel good.  When you can combine the two wow, you now have created some memory.

Our customers are important and if we enjoy what we do it is easy for us to make them feel that way.  The best side effect is when they are happy you are happy!   Simple stuff.   Exceed customer expectations, make sure you are in tune with your customers needs.

I will get into details on ways to make people feel important another time however hopefully this blog makes you thing of little things that you are already doing that you could do better or more often.  Wanting to make someone feel important in the service industry should be a no brainer; if it’s not, I guess the first person that needs to feel important is you!

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