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I saw in an article in Nation’s Restaurant News about the 10 fastest growing chains in 2009 so I thought I would do a little research.  For one thing, if these are the fastest growing chains, what do they all have in common that set’s them a part from everyone else.

1) They all have a website!  Check it out below, I added links to each company’s website.

2) They all are using social media. 8 out of 10 are advertising within their websites.

3) They all have really good websites and one even has their own iPhone app so you can order food direct from your phone.

4) The majority have hand held menu items; to go food, take out food.

5) They all have a medium price point offering.

6) Many have online ordering options.

7) Many are promoting their special and features on their websites.

8) All are using photos of their food, customers or employees.

9) They all have contact and location information on their website.

10) All have video’s on YouTube.

Of course I am going to point out the web marketing aspects of this because that’s what we do.   Chipolte and Potbelly have been the only ones I have frequented in the past so I know why I have been a repeat customer.   As for the others, I have eaten at Noodles & Company and Jimmy John’s however I have not eaten at the others yet.

I encourage you to check them out for yourself and see if there is anything that might benefit your business from their success.  Hope this brings useful insight.

The 10 fastest growing chains with 2009 sales over $200 million

Ranked by largest percentage sales increase with concept name; 2009 U.S. systemwide sales; % sales increase

  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries; $453 million; 50%
  • Tim Hortons; $446 million; 23%
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar; $1,496 million; 22%
  • Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich Shop; $602 million; 21%
  • Wingstop; $307 million; 20%
  • Noodles & Company; $230 million; 15%
  • BJ’s Restaurants & Brewhouse; $430 million; 14%
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill; $1,517 million; 14%
  • Firehouse Subs; $206 million; 10%
  • Potbelly Sandwich Works; $246 million; 10%
  • See the trend’s?  Well, off to what Kitchen Nightmare’s; love the show.  🙂  Oh, by the way, you can also follow Chef Ramsay on twitter.

    Source: Technomic Inc.

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