Four What??

Lately I have been using Foursquare as I can’t afford to avoid to not use it anymore.  Do I need it?  Well, that’s a good question.

What is Foursquare?? To make it simple, Foursquare is another social networking site where you have friends, they follow you and you follow them and while you are just doing the things you normally would do, you now “check in” to let your friends know where you are.  This is specifically for mobile phones which is a segment with a projected growth of 60% within the next two years this is why it’s going to be the one to watch.

Now, I don’t really care to let everyone know where I am,  not that I have anything to hide it’s just what’s the point right?  But I have been really doing the research on this and do see the value and can see if businesses aren’t aware to the conversations taking place here about their business it can be damaging.

On the upside of this, it can be very positive for business but for us as our main focus is restaurants where they can really benefit from at least knowing about this platform now.

Foursquare it the newest up and coming social networking site and the reason is the mobility.  People can only check in and or search for places to see, do or frequent in the area they are when they do what’s called a “check in”.  This means your potential customer  is near by.    They can look at reviews and tips about your business or those around you and of course make their decision on if they want to do business with you.

Simple right? Here’s where the psychology kicks in.  If you are currently using Facebook I’m sure you’ve heard and or seen a lot of people playing games and personally, games are not my thing mostly because, I just don’t have time to play them.   Well, Foursquare is a live game and you are the game pieces.  While you are checking in you earn points and badges so much like those games you are rewarded for your participation.   As this goes, those rewards will turn into real rewards much like a loyalty program.

This isn’t going to be for everyone yet for those that are using will continue to use and of course the addiction will spread.   Once you gain more friends those friends will be doing the same as you and what’s the nice part about this is people can really connect face to face best of it.  Foursquare also creates reasons to check in when you’re out and about because you then can see if any of your friends are in the same place you are.

The growth potential is huge and possibilities are endless.  For restaurants, this is another site to learn and embrace.  While others are still trying to figure out Twitter, you can be ahead of the game.

Do yourself a favor and check it out. What’s the worst that can happen? At least watch closely and of course, remind yourself to visit our site for more updates!  As for me, I’ll continue to use to just to monitor the growth and functionality of the platform for food service.  If I wasn’t doing what I do would I use it?  This I’m not sure.  I like using my mobile smart phone as an information resource when I’m out and about as I understand the value these kind of tools bring making my life easier and discovering new places to see, try and do so I’m sure I would.

We have all heard life is a game and these types of platforms it really becomes clear life truly is a game.  Will Foursquare help you win at it?   For now, it’s fun, creates values for all that play and the very least makes it more interesting!

Madonna Kash

Restaurant Marketing Partners/ Foodservice Geeks
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mobile 602.692.1135

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