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Well, Facebook beat Google in the amount of visitors last week for the first time which is huge of course.  Facebook’s homepage was the most visited site in the country.  They also enjoyed a 185% increase this year over last during this time frame; Google’s only nine percent.  Facebook now has over 400 million users.  Pretty impressive.

Twitter saw a 1385% growth from 2008-2009 and now is  seeing over 50 million tweets a day.  According to comScore almost 75,000,000 people visited Twitter in January.  YouTube seen over a 1,100% in growth this past year.

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Amazing!  The eye’s of the consumer is on the Internet and will continue to increase along with the mobile devices. Restaurant Marketing Partners is in the right place at the right time.

I thought it was also note worthy to mention the Nielsen article about the precent of American’s that watched the Academy Awards while simultaneously using the Internet which was almost half of the audience.  They noted the same behavior with the Super Bowl with the percentages about the same.  One of the differences were more logged onto Facebook during the Academy Awards where as with the Super Bowl, more logged onto Google.

The number of those watching the Super Bowl declined from the year prior where the number of those watching the Academy Awards increased.   Both had an increase of their audience  going online at the same time with the top three sites being Facebook, Google, and Yahoo.

Of course I’m sure this isn’t any surprise however what is surprising is for businesses that don’t see the value of investing in these tools to maximize their online presents.   There are so many opinions to market however when was the last time one of your marketing tools experience double growth let alone the growth we are seeing with these platforms.    It just blows me aways when I see how big this online picture is getting and thrilled to be working in this segment of the foodservice industry.

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Simultaneous Viewing Summary By Event
2009 Super Bowl 2009 Academy Awards 2010 Super Bowl 2010 Academy Awards
% of Population Watching Event 49.10% 25.60% 47.40% 29.10%
TV Viewers Also Going Online 12.80% 8.70% 14.50% 13.30%
Source: The Nielsen Company

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