Facebook 1-15-2010

Last night at a Social Media Club meeting, we dove deep into the details of Facebook sharing experiences and best practices with a room full of social media experts; there was a lot of great information shared. Facebook has a lot of moving parts to it and always changing which means you have always have to be ready to explore new possibilities. To open an account, post pictures, and start posting is diffidently the easy part however there is so much more than.

Privacy, there really is none. If you don’t want information shared about you on Facebook, I recommend having friends and relatives with no computers or digital camera’s that don’t like to go out much to reduce your chances of being on Facebook. Even then, you now have the threat of your classmates posting things about you from years past; isn’t anything off-limits to Facebook? Not anymore.

Users of Facebook, it’s your responsibility to make sure your privacy settings are set to your approval, not Facebook’s yet when they change their policies it makes it hard to stay on top of it. If you haven’t check your settings lately, I recommend that you do. Of course this won’t stop your cousin from posting embarrassing pictures of you but serve as a reminder of what basis information about you’d like to share with the world.

Even after you’ve secured privacy settings it’s still not going to stop your sister from posting information about you on her site use less you tell her. What I love about this is it makes people live and be honest the hard way. Too funny, many people are getting caught in lies because they have forgotten the Facebook factor to which I can say is, good.

When it comes to understanding how to do business on Facebook you need to be reading the Terms and Conditions of Facebook. One thing I see all the time is using your personal profile page as a business page and guess what? Facebook doesn’t like that. They like to selling advertising and if you are using a profile page for a business page you can be shut down and lose the account. I’ve known of a few people this has happened too so keep that in mind if you’re playing by the rules.

Understanding how use Facebo0k for business isn’t as easy as it looks which is why working someone who does will help you have better success on Facebook.   My biggest take aways from last night was the reality of your status updates/postings.   If you are a business with a fan page and you send out a post , the average percentage of your fans that see it is less than 2% out of 1,000.   Two percent; no matter how you write it, the information stays the same.   It pays to learn more or hire someone to help you with marketing your business on Facebook as you are going to hear more and more about marketing success.

Another thing I heard last night that was awesome is “it only takes one click to become a fan of your page and that’s it;  I have a longer relationship with my beer than a businesses fan page” which is so true.    People send me requests all the time to be a fan of their fan page however I have become selective on this as there isn’t much value to me and once you’re a fan the only one that can undo the relationship is the owner/administer of the page which could me you’re tied to them in defiantly.   In order to gauge success on Facebook it takes more than the amount of fans you have.

Well, have to run. Just wanted to do a brief over of last night. More to follow and look forward to showing a few videos about how to work with Facebook soon.

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