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When was the last time you did something for your community?  When was the last time you ran a promotion? Combing the two is nothing new and we all know it draws attention to the cause and those involved so I guess the next thing to think of is what , why, where and when.

As an operator I realize this might not always be a financial gain right way as return on the investment is hard to measure however if done well there should be no reason why you should benefit from the hosting these types of events, it just takes time and effort!

By nature people really do want to help other people and by creating an opportunity for them to do that along the way they get to know each other, build relationships, network and of course build a better community.  Again, these are things you know and have participated in and yes, they take work to put them together and hopefully in the long run it would be beneficial to all.

If you haven’t held an event in the past my recommendation is to find one you obviously support and are passionate about; if not, food banks and homeless shelters are always in need of community support where it all starts with an idea.

Here is a great Web site  that list homeless shelters the Phoenix area Homeless Shelter Directory

One homeless shelter I have used many times is UMOM and I have to admit one of the main reason I like working with them is they make it really easy.  They have a drive up drop off and they take almost everything.  When I was with a food broker there were many times I was able to donate and when clearing stuff, you can donate those as well as they have a mini store.

UMOM Family Shelter     602-275-4533
3320 E Van Buren St Phoenix, AZ 85008

As for a food bank that I enjoy working with is the Valley View Food Bank.  They are doing some really great things and providing a tremendous service however they do need help with donations and general support.  They are very easy to work with as well and always bring the community together.  For instance, check out this clever idea to build awareness for the Valley View Food Bank, “Lose a Pound, Feed Our Town” challenge.   With this challenge they are looking for more people to participate so the majority of work is done.

A key component about developing a campaign in my opinion is to make sure your heart is in it and what’s great about getting involded with promotion like this is that is brings out a lot of good in people.    I will have more information to contribute so this post will be growing!

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