Thanksgivukkah 2013

So tomorrow is a once in a lifetime event called Thanksgivukkah.   The convergence of Thanksgiving and the first day of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah and in fact, the first it’s falling on the same day ever as Thanksgiving was developed after the first opportunity to celebrate such an event.  Feels like we should be doing some wow to celebrate it and my sister and I are working on that here shortly.  Typical, here we are less than 24 hours before still thinking of things to make for tomorrow.

Roland Orzo Pasta

I did start a pasta salad already using the Roland Greek Orzo Pasta just because I had a package of it and vegan pasta salad is never a bad thing to bring to family dinners. Doesn’t scream Thanksgiving to me but works for me and the family won’t mind.

 Orzo Pasta Salad

Where I’m challenging myself is with six boxes of organic Jellied Cranberry Sauce I picked up in aseptic packaging I picked up earlier this year combined with fresh cranberries.  My goal, to use it up over the next five days so I’m putting it in everything else I make from here on out.  So far, I’ve used two boxes.

Sweet Potato & Apple Latkes

For the first time, I made Sweet Potato Apple Latkes to recognize the Jewish holiday Hanukkah with this a traditional Jewish dish.  These Served with Sour Cream or for this recipes, Cranberry Applesauce was recommended too.

Next time, I’d add some chives to the sour cream and a little more flavoring to the mixture before frying.  The adults seemed to really enjoyed this, received a lot of comments.  The kids, they got a pass on the “no thank you bite” with no pressure on trying something new.  Best part of course was trying something new for all of use.

Latkes.Taking it one step further, I searched for the origin and history of  In the past, my potato pancakes were just left over mashed potatoes.  I’ve also made hashbrowns plenty of times however taking a closer look at this dish, I can easily bring little wow to something to this simple dish.

This recipe for Cheese Laftkes look like a must try, yet learned this version is a decedent from Italian pancakes made with ricotta cheese.

Orange Cranberry Bread

Orange Cranberry Bread was something else I made and happy with the way it turned out.   So moist, I didn’t add the frosting as it didn’t need it.  An orange frosting would have been nice and made the flavor pop even more yet, didn’t need the calories.  

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