Watching the Internet develop to where we are today has been awesome. From the moment I was introduced to it, I was hooked.  I seen it as an opportunity to sell more and to make use it as a sales tool and resource.

In 2002, I started to learn how to use the Internet with the main goal of better communication with the sales representatives I worked with as a food broker.  I did this throughout my career as a hobby and kept a personal website with GeoCities until they closed down, then moved it to a WordPress.Com site.

When social media was just starting to develop, I invested time in expanding my online marketing knowledge, purchased my domain and well, here we are.

AZFSN-Logo1The Arizona Food Service Network is a website focused on creating communication bridges for people to connect with others, and with information.   What I’ve learned about the food service industry as a whole is a lack of communication within our food service community.  That’s that’s missed opportunity for collaboration, community outreach, advancement and personal and professional growth.

Networking and professional development has become a passion of mine which is why I’ve created the Arizona Food Service Network.

RMP LogoRestaurant Marketing Partners represents partnerships, working with others within the food service industry.