Live in the now, clean the hard drive

Feel like a hoarder. I save files I like for whatever reason and they end up on my hard drive just waiting for me to doing something with them. To free my mind and my hard drive, I’m just going to start posting them here until Pinterest has a way to batch upload, best solution I can come up with for now.

A reminder to live in the moment. Be HERE Now. Absorb the moment.


So reminds me of my brain and why I need to focus on being in the moment. Does this help explain me to you?


I think OCD’s come with age. They hit like a cord. A piano cord, that just hangs there suspended in air until it’s corrected. Not horrible yet, just enough that benefits everyone around me. If I had OCD’s when I was younger, I would have gotten more things finished sooner, better, straighter.


Another OCD trigger. Although I don’t eat bacon any longer, many people do and they love it. I did when I was eating meat. With Valentine’s Day, came across this picture and thought, that’s good idea but then you look closer at the pan. What the up with that? You can see the watermark on the picture yet I’m not calling it out by name. Just wouldn’t eat any food from them as they don’t know how to clean the pan properly. Hope she received a steel scratcher for V day and that her heart shaped bacon tunered out. My luck, that would have hit another OCD when the bacon didn’t hold it’s shape anyway.

pan o bacon

This one is for the back of the mind. Self explanatory. Like that I now have the wisdom to know what I don’t have the patience for. Phew.

1Dog skunk

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