Life Hacks

Always dig Life Hack links so thought I’d start compiling them as I see them.  Good stuff, helpful tips.  

50 Life Hacks to Simplify Your World

On this one, I am using the clips, the toilet paper rolls for the cords,  the fitted sheets fold, will use the taking picture of the person with the item I loan to them, need to try the headlight tip and do the cardboard and plastic bag tip.

I did do the vinegar around the shower head and it worked fantastic and for sure there are a few other hacks I’ll used when I need to use them.


35 Life Hacks To Make Everyday Tasks Easier

Love eggs with onions so for sure on my to do list, the preserving herbs by freezing them in olive oil is worth a try although in Arizona, not as big of an issue.  The pencil case with the cables I was already doing, like the tissue box idea, for sure will use the dental floss tips when needed.



 27 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know About



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