Legacy is Greater Than Currency


Not sure at what point I was conscious of this. I was the one buying those books to help others share information about themselves that could be passed down yet really never gave it too much thought until social media and this video. Most likely labeled the king of personal branding, Gary Vaynerchuk was the first voice I heard in the social age about personal branding which ties into leaving a legacy.

Gary V

This is a video I like to watch when I need a reminder to just keep going and stay focused. At 4:35 minutes for me is where is really gets good and hope you see that too. With every post, I am leaving bread crumbs of my life. I know this yet forget that. Until Facebook, you could go through life never reconnecting with classmates if you wanted too but now, they’re at every corner. Not that it’s a problem, just that I wasn’t prepared for that. Part of why I moved was to get away from the home down and to go explore. I wanted to leave part of that behind. No such a thing now which such a thing now. Now, you really have to try hard not to be found and even the most low key people I know still has information about them out on the web.

When we heard, privacy was dead from Mark Zuckerberg, I was offended and frankly annoyed with the social space yet now, I’ll have to agree. Our privacy is dead. Then you have someone like me who is trying to find balance in all of this, especially with marketing.

The lost of one of my best friends last year, someone who I’ve known for 35 years really woke me up. A year and a half ago, we lost an aunt that was very dear to me and recently another aunt that I was very close to as a child. They are gone yet not forgotten yet there is so many things I didn’t know about them that I want to know about them.

With this in mind is why I am posting more on my personal domain and blending both work and personal together. When I choose to travel the road less traveled (sounds dramatic, loss of words and short on time to find them) my goal was the combined them both as much as I could. Food is life and we share so much around a table that these lines have blended more often and most like more than the family would like.

For me, food memories with my family are and were important and because I’m a tad bit of a workaholic, love that I work in the realm of food and food service. Everyone eats. Life is short. Saying that use to sound fluffy yet as I get old realize that is a reality so I better be stepping up my game. I picked up a plak that say’s “Cherish Every Memory. Love Every Moment. Embraced Every Possibility.” and it happened when I needed it most that day. One of those God was talking to me moments and I listened.

The other one I like is the Steve Jobs commencement speech. If you haven’t see it, now’s your chance. 15:04 minutes, totally worth it.

Steve Jobs

Watch the videos and see if you get fired up, I always do.

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