Getting Your Drink on This Summer

Yesterday I posted 10 Way To Pimp Your Iced Coffee from Food Republic as hot coffee in the Arizona summer sometimes just doesn’t work. One recipe I am planning using is the cold-brew process.  I have tried this in the past it was delicious and have wanted to make it since. 10351405_888556734504758_679537966247198872_n

For adding spirits, whipped cream vodka and a coffee liquor would be my choice.  My mind is wandering thinking of other ways to use whipped cream vodka is entrees and sauces. In fact, I just gave away a body spray called whipped cream because it reminded of how good whipped cream vodka is.  Don’t need to be smelling something all day that reminds of a cocktail.

Then todawatermelon-punchy, Mashable posts 15 Summer Cocktails That Deserve a Patio and because culinary cocktails awesome, I had to look.  Oh my goodness.  A Peach Julep, Meyer Lemon Margarita, Watermelon Punch, Boozy Horchata, Lemon Lavendar Fizz, what great looking drinks.  They look so refreshing.

Now add my Kangen Water to the list and I’m all set for summer.

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