Garlic Life Hack

I’m a life hacker, one that looks for solutions to make life easier, tasks quicker and hopefully in general better.

This life hack I use all the time so I documented it. Time saver and frustration free. Win win.

Start with two bowls the same size.


Smash/loosen the garlic bulb cloves.


Put the bowls together like this and shake for about 20-30 secs. If they don’n’t all come clean, shake them again.


See, the skins separate from the clove.


I pick the cloves out..


and then I use one of those minced garlic containers, the cloves in it.


Tada. Ready to use when you need them.


I use a lot of garlic but sometimes, it starts to sprout before I can use it all. This is when you can throw it into a container of water and watch it regenerate itself. After it’s big sprout, plant it in your garden.


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