One of my favorite saying is: “What you would do you if you had no fear?” and then follow that up with “What’s stopping you from doing that?” I went to Hawaii by myself fueled by these two questions. I camped the Big Island on the beach and volcano. No fear. I took everything I thought I needed, two bags with 70 weight limits and off I went for 9 days. Didn’t want for a thing.

I also had in the back of my head, if I couldn’t spend 9 days by myself, why would anyone else want too. Turned out to be one of the best vacations. I’ll add more to this later. Clearing the hard drive again and these two pictures stuck with me.

On the clinical side of fear, it really does live in our heads.


On the spiritual side of fear, we need to be reminded it’s not real.

wall o fear

(by the way, I have no idea why there’s a guy wearing a skirt in this picture)

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