Black Friday

While on Facebook today, I kept seeing posting of Black Friday brawls and the hashtag #Brawlmart so I thought I’d post them here as I see them and then finish my post at the end of the day.

Okay, its now the day after Black Friday (Saturday of course) and one of the first posts I seen on Facebook this morning about Black Friday was from Mashable about the “Grim Website Tallies Black Friday Deaths” and this website, Black Friday Death Count.  Crazy.

When I was younger, we would go through the sale ads on Thanksgiving too to see what what was on sale and what stores had special deals.  I never knew what Black Friday was, to me it was something we did with the day after Thanksgiving with grandma to get the JC Penny’s discount and have lunch.

The stores and the streets were busy yet never to what we’re seeing the past few years.  I did Black Friday two years ago by pure accident and luck was on my side.  It started with a simple conversation with my sister, and ended up at Best Buy at 2:30 am.  Once I got there and learned what Black Friday meant and that there was no chance in hell I was going to get what I came for, I left.  I couldn’t hang with all the drama.

Then on the way home, there was another Best Buy less than a mile out of my so listening to my inter-voice, I stopped there too.  What I was looking for was the Asus Tablet Transformer 101 and at the price it was listed at, there was still slim to no chance I would get one yet I went anyway.

When I got there, all the tickets were given away and there were five tablets that were unclaimed and it turns out, I was the fifth person in line and had to wait for 45 minutes for the chance to get it.  I debated yet I was optimistic so I stayed and it paid off.

Would I do it again?  Only with someone and most certainly, never to the levels listed in the Black Friday Death Count website.   Do I have an opinion about this?  Nope, to each his own.

It’s just unfortunate when just hours before these sales, many were around a table with family and friends saying how thankful they were for the time together and for what they have.  Unfortunately, that thought quickly passed and that moment in time expired.  Back to life, moving on.

For me, I stayed home and worked.  No surprise there yet finally fixed my website and now it’s up to date which makes me happy.

Walmart black Friday


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